If you spend money on a multi-touch marketing campaign, you want to ensure you are reaching the right people. With Invelo’s new ‘And/Or’ feature, investors can create highly segmented filters to find the right prospects for every campaign.

If you are trying to grow your business, you don’t want to waste your money sending marketing campaigns to every prospect in your database. Not only would you spend a ton, but you wouldn’t see very impressive results. To market effectively, you need to personalize your campaigns to the recipients.

Before you can craft a more personalized message, you need to be able to segment your prospects to find property owners and homes with similar and desirable attributes. To find those prospects, you want to utilize the ‘Filters’ in the Prospects tab on the Invelo platform. Within stage filters, you can select all the attributes you want (or don’t want) to find records that meet your criteria.

So what does that look like, and how does it work? Here are a few examples of the ‘And/Or’ feature in action within the Prospect stage filters.

Filter: Targeted High-Quality Motivated Sellers

For this example, the investor is looking to identify the highest quality prospects in their database.

First, they will utilize list stacking and only show records on two or more lists. After setting that, the investor would select ‘and’ and choose a value for the quality. This simple filter will now only look for high-quality records on multiple lists.

This filter is excellent for when an investor is looking for the most motivated sellers. For example, if a record is on both a Tax Lien List and a Code Violation List, they will probably be more motivated to sell because of their situation than most other prospects.

Filter: Off Market High-Quality Marketing Audience

For this example, an investor is looking for off-market prospects to enroll in a direct mail marketing campaign.

To start, the investor would set the desired contact type as ‘Individual’ to exclude properties owned by corporations or trusts. Then they would add a quality parameter to ensure that only prospects considered high-quality would be included. Next, they would include a filter that would add all records with a current mailing address and exclude those without it. Of course, they would want records with mailing addresses for this filter, but this is a great function to use when trying to isolate high-quality prospects that need to be skip-traced!

The final parameter is adding an MLS status. Since they are looking for off-market deals, they want records not currently on an MLS. To find those, they want to select ‘Expired,’ ‘Unknown,’ and ‘Unlisted.’

Filter: Rehab Buy Box + Driving For Dollars List

For this example, an investor is looking for off-market single-family homes to fix and flip.

To find properties that meet the criteria, they will create a filter that draws from both their records on Invelo and a list they compiled while driving for dollars.

First, they want to add parameters to define the type of property they want. In this case, the investor wants only single-family homes in a condition that would be profitable to fix up and re-sell. To target those properties, they would choose building conditions that are ‘poor,’ ‘fair,’ and ‘unsound – a home in any better shape would not need much rehabbing and wouldn’t turn much of a profit.

To further narrow the records, the investor would set a parameter for ‘Year Built.’ In this case, they wouldn’t want anything too new. Afterward, they would select the square footage they want to work within.

Once the property parameters are set, the investor would add the MLS status parameter to only show off-market properties. Finally, they would select the ‘Estimated Value’ parameter to show them properties within a specific range.

Once that filter group is complete, the investor would create another filter group with the ‘Or’ operator and specify that the record is on their driving for dollars list. Once finished, the filter would only pull records that either met the specifications of the first filter group or were on the driving for dollars list.

Market To The Right People

If you want to improve your marketing, improving your prospect segmenting is the best place to start. Using Invelo’s Prospect stage filters with the “And/Or” function can simplify segmentation and lead to more successful marketing campaigns.

One of the best things about Invelo’s Prospect filters is that they feed directly into marketing campaigns and auto-update when a record meets the parameters or no longer meets the parameters.

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