Growing your conversion rates is essential as a real estate investor. Without the ability to reliably turn leads into deals, your business will struggle to operate. With Invelo’s new Lead Marketing capabilities, you can simplify and enhance your follow-up with powerful automations and dynamic communications.

Marketing to your prospects is important, but don’t forget your leads! Even if you have a great conversation with someone interested in doing business, you must regularly follow up to keep that conversation going. This is why Invelo has recently overhauled our lead marketing capabilities within the platform. As a result, investors can now create multi-touch follow-up campaigns to keep leads warm in only a few seconds!

This can be anything from a one-time letter to a five-week follow-up campaign that includes email, direct mail marketing, and ringless voicemail.

Automate Your Follow Up

It can be easy to forget to follow up with someone, especially when you have multiple leads. With our advanced lead marketing capabilities, you can now fully automate your lead follow-up. Like with prospect marketing, you can create an audience filter that automatically feeds leads into your continuous campaign once they meet the selected criteria. From there, they will receive pre-planned communication at a predetermined interval to keep them engaged with your business.

Automating certain aspects of your business is essential if you want to grow. Using lead marketing to automate your lead follow-up will save you time and ensure you never miss out on a lead again!

Add Records As You Like

You don’t need a filter created to begin assembling a campaign. To create marketing campaigns ahead of time, you select “Add Records Later” when establishing the audience. If you add records up front, you can still manually choose additional records as you please. And unlike prospect marketing, there is no minimum number of records you need to have to send out a round of mailers. You can send to 1, 5, or even 50 leads whenever they become suitable for enrollment.

To enroll records, you simply need to go to the record and select “Add To Marketing” at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can see the saved campaigns you created and enroll your lead in whichever is suitable. Once enrolled, they will begin the marketing campaign sequences you have laid out in advance.

Build It Once

Lead marketing works based on “Delay Days.” Instead of choosing a specific date to send, you will select a set number of days between your sends. The first delay will be based on the date when the lead is enrolled in the campaign, with the following delays based on the prior send they received. For example, if you choose a 7-day delay, your first send will go out seven days after the lead has been enrolled in the marketing campaign, or you can create a sequence with a 30-day delay for a “Check In” type letter.

Delay days make it easy to use a campaign continuously with a predictable timetable that you never have to modify. You can simply add records when they are ready, and you know that they will receive communications at specific intervals without intervening.

Pro Tip: Check out our help docs for a more in-depth breakdown of lead marketing and how it works.

Available For All

Invelo’s lead marketing is available for users on all subscription levels! Users on Starter plans can access two pre-set campaigns, while users on Individual and Professional plans can create custom campaigns with unlimited sequences. Build your first lead marketing campaign now!