Invelo has partnered with Open Letter Marketing as our direct mail vendor. As a partner with Invelo, OLM will be phasing out their software - InvestorHub. So what do you need to know as an InvestorHub user?

Invelo is entering a soft launch starting the beginning of May. InvestorHub users will slowly join the platform in batches starting May 9 through May 13. During this week, you will receive an email from Invelo's Customer Success team with a unique registration link to create your account. At this point, you will be guided to transfer your database by exporting your records from InvestorHub and importing them into Invelo. It will be vital to transfer your records as InvestorHub will go offline starting June 2022. As a reminder, OLM stopped charging InvestorHub subscriptions on March 15, 2022.

Please keep in mind that you are entering Invelo during a soft launch and there will be serval updates to the platform over the coming weeks.

The Transition Timeline

  • March 15 - InvestorHub subscriptions no longer being charged
  • May 9 - InvestorHub users start to transition into Invelo
  • May 20 - Fulfillment no longer available in InvestorHub
  • June 3 - Users no longer have access to InvestorHub.

Why Invelo?

Invelo is built to provide users the tools and education needed to operate a successful real estate investment business. Invelo is built from industry-proven best practices and years of experience.

Here are a few features to look forward to…

  • Invelo’s updated database has over 155 million records and more than 100 filters, targeting quality prospects to build the best lists.
  • Users will have the ability to customize and automate their sales pipeline, resulting in quality leads and more closed deals.
  • Invelo’s marketing features will allow you to manage your direct mail campaigns right on the platform, increasing your productivity.

Invelo is much more than a CRM. It includes a robust academy with comprehensive REI training and advanced masterclasses taught by industry professionals. Invelo is a platform, but it is also a community.

The InvestorHub Transition Call