Welcome to 2024, Invelo users! As we embrace the new year, we're excited to announce the first major update to the Invelo app. This update is packed with features and improvements, all designed to enhance your experience in managing prospects and property records.

Let's dive into what's new and how these changes can elevate your experience.

1. Enhanced Team Management:

One of the key areas we focused on is team management. Understanding the need for fluid team dynamics, we've made it simpler to manage your users and control their access. A standout feature is the ability to reassign all tasks and property records seamlessly if you remove a team member. This update ensures that team transitions are smoother and more efficient than ever.

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2. Revamped Task Management:

Task management has undergone a significant redesign. The new layout is not only user-friendly but also comes with a host of new functionalities:

  • Click to Call/Text: Directly contact clients from the app.
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Easily find tasks by title, property address, or contact name.

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  • Quick Follow-Up Tasks: Set follow-up tasks on property records with automatic due date creation.

3. Settings

We have redesigned the settings to make navigating easier with a new sidebar navigation menu. Within here, you should be able to find company details, account settings, manage users, and billing.

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4. Skip Tracing

We're excited to announce significant enhancements to our skip-tracing accuracy, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips:

Current Owner Identification: Our system now efficiently fetches the latest owner details for any property address, ensuring you have access to the most recent ownership information.

Updated Recommendations for Owner Information: We've upgraded our recommended options to provide you with the most current owner information for each property record. This feature is designed to streamline your search process and enhance the accuracy of the data you receive.

These updates represent our commitment to offering you a more efficient and reliable way to access property ownership information. Stay ahead in your property management efforts with our latest skip-tracing improvements!

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Platform Fixes:

In addition to these features, we've addressed several issues to enhance the overall functionality of the app:

  • Fixed quality assignment issues post-import.
  • Corrected apostrophe removal in contact last names upon import.
  • Resolved various issues in Team and Task Management.
  • Improved search functionality in pipeline view.
  • Enhanced auto-mapping of fields during File Upload imports.


This update represents our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We're dedicated to ensuring Invelo remains a reliable and efficient tool for managing your property-related tasks.